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How to Use AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a website that was created by Amazon Web Services to help customers find and purchase cloud services. 

It offers a variety of products from different providers, all in one place. 

The site also includes step-by-step tutorials on how to get started with AWS.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the 3 steps necessary to use AWS Marketplace so you can quickly find what you need!

Step #1: Find AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace

The first step is to find the AWS Marketplace. You can do this by entering “aws marketplace” into your browser, or you can simply click here

Once you are on the page, all of the available products will be displayed.

Step #2: Find the service

AWS Marketplace PRODUCTS

The second step is to choose which service you want. 

AWS Marketplace has a variety of services, and all of them are displayed on the page once you enter the “aws marketplace” homepage. 

Once you have clicked on one of those links, it will take you to another page where there is more information about your selected product. 

You can also browse the available products per category.

This makes it easier to find whatever kind of cloud services you are looking for.

For example;

If we are looking for Cloud storage solutions powered by AWS, we can start right here by clicking Storage.

buying on AWS Marketplace

This takes us through a wide range of products offering these services.


And you can refine your search using various filters to your left.

Once you have found the right product, click on it to proceed.

expanding products on AWS Marketplace

This opens up a new window with even more information about the product.

In our case here, we were interested in learning how much it costs as well as what features come with each plan (pricing details can also be found by clicking ‘Pricing’). 

AWS Marketplace

Once again, here we have the option to select a free trial, as well as view more details. 

Step #3: Continue to Subscribe

The final step is pretty simple! After you have decided what product best meets your needs and selected a plan, all that’s left to do is click ‘Proceed’. 

This will take you to another page where you can complete any necessary account information by logging into an AWS account or creating one if needed. 

login to aws

If you already have an AWS account but want to use different payment methods for this service, be sure to check out the bottom of the screen before proceeding with checkout. 

It shows different options available depending on whether or not existing billing accounts are present in your region. 

Once again, it leaves us with several choices: we could purchase using our AWS account, or we can use our own credit card.

Once you complete your purchase, that is it! You are all set up and ready to go with whatever service you selected. 

Congratulations on completing the process! 

Benefits of using AWS Marketplace

Here are the benefits of using AWS marketplace;

  • Easy to use template available for all product users
  • Multiple options with different pricing schemes and features are available based on the user’s requirements. 
  • Marketplace allows users to make purchases directly on the platform without having them go through an individual product page. This saves time and effort for both buyers and sellers alike.
  • The marketplace is available in all regions and has an easy-to-use interface. This allows users across the world to purchase products regardless of limitations such as location or time zones. 
  • There are no setup costs for sellers, only a minimal fee that is charged once a product has been sold based on its pricing and features provided by each seller.

Is Amazon marketplace free? 

The Amazon Marketplace is a platform where independent businesses and individuals can sell products, services, or digital content to millions of customers worldwide.

It is free for both buyers and sellers. Sellers pay a small insertion fee per item sold as well as a referral fee if they use the Fulfillment by Amazon program. 

There are no monthly fees associated with selling on the marketplace, only an end-of-month closing cost that includes everything from product storage to fulfillment support. 

As long as you have inventory in good condition that meets listing guidelines then it will be available on Amazon marketplace 24/365 days year-round!

What does AWS marketplace do?

AWS Marketplace helps its users find software suites & applications at reduced rates. 

Once you set up your account, you can list eligible software. AWS Marketplace charges $0.005 per hour for usage of each product on their site and also takes a 15% commission off the top of any revenue made through sales via its marketplace.

Who has access to the AWS marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is for Amazon Web Services (AWS) users, you must have an AWS account. 

Customers can sign up by clicking on “Sign Up” at the top right corner of Amazon’s home page and then provide their email address, password, and security question/answer. 

Once they are signed in, customers need to enter their organization name under “Settings” after which they will be given a unique identifier that serves as your new Marketplace identity called Vendor ID. 

Vendors create listings using this vendor ID plus other details such as pricing information before submitting them through Amazon Seller Central Account.


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