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How To Transfer Domain To Namecheap

In this article, I will walk you through how to transfer a domain to Namecheap fast.

But first, what is a domain transfer?

Domain transfer is the process of moving your domain from one registrar to another. 

It is very simple and takes only a few minutes! 

In other words, you are changing the registrars of your domain.

Why transfer a domain?

Domain transfer is the best way to switch registrars. There are many new features and benefits that you can acquire by moving your domain over to a different provider. 

If you want more control over your website, YOU may consider transferring your domain to a new registrar.

What is required for a successful transfer?

In order for the process of domain transfer between companies to go smoothly, some basic requirements must be met: 

  • Both parties (your old and new registrar) should provide their consent; 
  • The contact information associated with the account should remain unchanged; 
  • Your current Domain Registrar will not release domains after transfers have been completed.

Let us look at an example;

How to transfer a domain to Namecheap

Namecheap is a leading domain registrar with thousands of users around the world.

The company registrars thousands of websites per day thanks to its epic services and products.

Besides selling domains, Namecheap also offers other services such as web hosting, SSL certificates among others.

Now, to transfer your domain to Namecheap, you need to follow these steps.

First, head over to


This is the start page where you can begin your domain transfer to Namecheap.

To start, type the domain you’d wish to transfer into the box provided and click transfer.

The next step is where Namecheap will try to verify if our domain is eligible for transfer.

See, Namecheap does not access some types of domains, mostly because of unsupported TLDs.

If your domain is eligible, you will get a congratulations message like the screenshot below.

How To Transfer Domain To Namecheap in 2022

The results show;

  • The current registrar
  • Registrar lock status of your domain – some registrars lock your domain to prevent unauthorized transfers. So you must first unlock it directly on your dashboard.

To proceed with the transfer, make sure you actually unlock your domain (if it is locked, authorize Namecheap to retrieve your contact information (for registration purposes from their end).

And finally, domain transfer to Namecheap won’t be complete without an authorization code.

What is the EPP code? 

Transfer authorization code (also known as EPP Code) is a unique key that identifies you to your registrar. 

In order for the domain transfer process to start, you must provide this code in the appropriate place on your new registrar’s website.

So, to transfer a domain to Namecheap, first, ask your current registrar to give you the EPP code.

And once you have it, come and put the code on the Namecheap form (see screenshot below).

epp code

Once done, click add to cart.

Is domain transfer to Namecheap free?

The cost of transferring a domain to Namecheap will depend on the type of TLD.

Here is what I mean;

It is free to transfer .CO.UK domain to Namecheap.

But, it costs $9.18 to transfer a .COM domain.

Here is a screenshot showing the prices of domain transfers to Namecheap.

cost of transferring a domain to namecheap

Some cost less, some costs more!

Here is an example;

A .theatre domain will cost you $598.98 to transfer to Namecheap.

Why transfer a domain to Namecheap?

One thing is for sure, Namecheap got their act together. Unlike other registrars, you can transfer all of your domains to Namecheap at once!


Well, they have a bulk domain transfer feature.

At the same time, you get a chance to enjoy savings when you renew your domain. 

Their support team is also available 24/7 and you can access them anytime you want.


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