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#8 Best Providers of Cheap VPS in Germany

Are you looking for VPS servers in Germany?

Worry not, because in this article we explore everything in this topic to help you gain understanding.

If interested in owning one, we’ll discuss some of the leading providers in Germany.


What’s a VPS?

Virtual private servers abbreviated as VPS is a virtual machine running on the host machine with each running its own operating system. Usually, we have one physical server which is logically partitioned into many servers. The virtual machines are allocated resources such as RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc.

This portioning is driven by virtualization technology.

Why partition the server?

You may be wondering why to create this VPS and not run your services from the physical server. With VPS, we can maximize the usage of a physical server. Multiple independent services and users can be supported.  Some of the benefits of VPS include:

  1.     Reduced cost – VPS costs are cheaper compared to buying a physical server or leasing a dedicated server.
  2.     User control – Each VPS user is assigned supper user privilege on that VPS. Users can install any software supported by their underlying operating system.
  3.     Reliability- Tasks run on the other user’s server won’t affect the performance of your own.
  4.     Scalability – VPS resources can be expanded or shrink to accommodate the need of the VPS user.
  5.     Metered usage – VPS is charged based on the resources used. Providers have means alerting the used the number of resources used at a given time e.g. bandwidth used at a given time.

VPS Vs. shared Hosting

Although both have an overlapping trust boundary (i.e. users sharing the same physical IT resource), you may prefer VPS because of the full control and security accorded. Shared hosting can also be seen as a cheaper alternative to VPS.

How does VPS work?

VPS servers are hosted within your country or in datacenters in different parts of the world. The VPS provider configured the VPS for you. Often users access their VPS through SSH or equivalent technology. 

How to get your best VPS servers in Germany?

Now that we understanding the topic around the VPS, you may wish to hook one in Germany. The best VPS server provider can be considered through the following factors.

i) Cost

The price charged for VPS should be fair and affordable.

 ii) Uptime

The time the server is running. The server should not be experiencing frequent failure. At a minimum, the provider should guarantee 99.99% uptime.

 iii) Customer service

The provider should be available for service in time of need such as VPS failure. The service provider should at least employ a platform that you can easily reach him.

 iv) Resource allocated

The resource allocated to the VPS should be considered equivalent to the price charged. These resources include disk space, RAM, bandwidth, processor speed, etc.

VPS servers in German providers

After going through the above factors, it’s the right time to check some of my recommendations. The list is prepared having analyzed quite a large number of providers. Here are the best providers of VPS servers in Germany:


If you are a user with a unique need then has your back. guarantees limitless scalability thus designed for a broad selection of computing-related purposes.

 Through their interface, you can create your plan and customize the features you need. This means you don’t have to purchase provider pre-configured plans. The prices increase with the increase in the number of features added.

 For instance, from the interface users can choose the number of IP addresses allocated, disk space, type of database, OS type, etc.



Truehost is reckoned as the best cloud service provider in the world with data centers in Germany and other parts of the world. sells the cheapest plans packed with massive features.


Their VPS runs SSD disk, which is more resistant to shock and offers quick access.

Just imagine a VPS selling at a cost as low as $4.9 per month. This what makes one of the best provider of VPS servers in Germany.

Check it out yourself.

They have fully established providers with other services like email hosting, domain registration, shared hosting, dedicated servers, etc. also offered.



One of the great deals in the market to get you sorted. GermanVPS sells plans from low as $2 (tax exclusive) with all servers running on Xeon processors. The providers support whooping 23 Linux distros and windows server 2008-2016



Located in Frankfurt, sells both Linux and Windows servers. They provide a powerful in-built control panel that you can use to access your VPS.


 You can purchase specialized VPS such as wordpress VPS, Bitcoin VPS, Forex VPS, Game VPS, etc. The Linux VPS sell from $4.45



Another ideal provider is They provide the following standard features

i) support for 6+ Linux distros

ii) Easy management using  SolusVM

iii) Enterprise standard SATA drives

iv) Support for both IPV4 and IPV6 servers are fairly priced with the lowest planning selling 4.99 euros. Given that data centers are located within the country, business hosting data in their VPS comply with EU data privacy policies


They are a highly reputable and credible provider of cloud services. contains a heap of features in all their 3 VPS plans.  This includes high processing power, high dynamic memory, and massive disk space. has a quite big community that rely on their service and trust among its users. They also offer free automatic weekly backup. However, the cheapest VPS costs $19. also provides another service including domain registration, shared hosting, etc.



Their VPS is based on the latest virtualization technology selling at affordable prices. The plan sells from 3 euros-49euros per month. Unlike which gives user customization of the plan, the plans here are fixed and the user purchases the already configured plans. supports multiple Linux distros. Each plain contains one IPv4 and IPv6 configured.



One of the elite provider of VPS servers in Germany. They provide the following features across their plans:

  •   Free server setup and upgrading
  •   High bandwidth
  •   Anti-spam and antivirus
  •   High reliability

They sell 6 VPS plan with the cheapest costing 18.78 dollars per month.


There are many VPS providers inside and outside of Germany’s territory. VPS is remotely administered hence may not respect territory boundary.

This implies you can lease services of servers hosted somewhere else in the world. However, there are many benefits of going for VPS hosted in Germany.

Germany is the center of business in Europe and having VPS within its borders guarantees speed to her business and neighboring countries. Also, data hosted within partially guarantees data security and privacy.

There are many providers and finding the best should be given ultimate priority to avoid falling into bad hands.

This article is aimed at strengthening your understanding of the topic and help you find the leading provider of VPS servers in Germany.


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