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How To Transfer Domain To GoDaddy

Have you heard of GoDaddy? Well, in this post we are going to talk about how to transfer domain to GoDaddy.

Each day there are new trends and digital advancements. Websites have come to show how best one can provide services.

Technology has helped narrow the gap and increased efficiency. Starting a business has become easy and affordable.

These days it is even possible to start a business without money. One doesn’t need much to be a service or product provider.

Well, before going live one needs to have a website, domain, and hosting. The three will help you share with the world.

Creating a website is easy, one just needs to know how to drag and drop. You don’t need any technical skills to do it.

Technology has come to solve many of the world’s problems efficiently. It has helped many businesses reach out and gain massively.

Well, if you want to change your domain host here is how to transfer domain to GoDaddy.

What is a domain?

These are names that are used to reach a certain website. Typed on a browser search bar or search engine.

Domains are used instead of IP addresses which may be difficult to remember. Simply a domain is a name for your website.

Without a domain, it’s difficult to access a website. Domains also are unique; can’t be shared. Everyone has their own domain name.

Domains have two parts; let’s take the example of

  • Facebook is the domain name
  • .com is the domain extension.

Before choosing a domain one has to:

  • Research- get to know how much it will cost you, know about the different market trends, and more. The research will also help you not infringe rights.
  • Brainstorm- this is coming up with ideas. It’s choosing the right name you need to use on your website.
  • Find a keyword- it’s a powerful word that will be associated with your brand. Find a word that aligns with your brand.

Read more here.

Do domains expire?

Yes, a domain is a subscription service; this means it needs to be renewed. The subscription period varies but one can’t own a domain forever.

The maximum number of years you can register a domain is 10 years. That’s enough time to set up shop and keep growing.

Why use a domain?

To brand your business

Millions of people access the internet every day. Setting up your business online makes it easy to reach out to many.

A good domain name attracts new and potential partners. That’s why a domain name should be informative yet simple.

One should be able to know what your business is about from a domain.

To increase ranks

Google and other search engines rank popular sites. By ranking, it means that people can always get to your site fast.

People rarely visit page 2 of search results from Google. However, with a popular domain and the right keyword, you get good numbers.

To develop a competitive edge

Some businesses still take the traditional approach of working. Having a website makes you stand out.

A good domain name means you are remembered easily. It makes it easier for people to get to your site fast.

Well, also with a good domain, it attracts new potential clients which increases productivity. This ensures you compete profitably with your opponents.

Adds credibility

With a domain one is able to showcase their skills, products, or services. People get to trust more what they see than hear.

Well, combining word of mouth and visuals will help you keep winning. A good domain name shows how best you are.

Consider choosing the best name. One that is easy and informative. 

How domains are registered

One before you register a domain one has to have a name. Here is how to register:

  • Brainstorm the best name- share it with friends, social media, and get views on the name. Know what other names are close to that.
  • Find a host- this is the domain registrar and web host. Find one that best suits your plans.
  • Check the domain availability- this means searching the name on the domain registrar’s platform. Once it’s available choose the extension you want.
  • Proceed to purchase- choose the number of years you want to purchase it, addons, and many other configurations.
  • Checkout- create an account and choose payment methods. Once you get an invoice proceed to pay.
  • See this for more.

Now that you have purchased a domain the next thing is hosting. Well, you can begin with free and then upgrade later.

There are many other plans available it all depends on your budget.

Where to buy a domain

Truehost Cloud

It’s a web hosting and domain registrar that gives people opportunities to go live. It also allows them to spend and get the value of their money.

Truehost Cloud

Register a new domain for as low as $1 for a year. Truehost also provides:

  • VPS & Servers
  • Hosting
  • Storage
  • Domains
  • Security & SSL
  • Free Website Builder
  • And more.


It’s an Internation web service provider and a domain registrar. Aims to provide the best services for all.

GoDaddy Home

Have cheap domains for as low as $0.99/year. They also offer these services:

  • Domain Names
  • Websites & Stores
  • Website Security
  • Marketing Tools
  • And more.

There are others like:

  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Namecheap
  • And more.

How to transfer domain to GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a web host and a domain registrar in the United Kingdom. It’s helping many businesses go live as well as individuals.

Before the transfer you need to do the following:

  • Unlock the domain name with your current registrar.
  • Get an authorization code (ERP code)
  • Verify the contact information on your domain name.

Well, do you want to transfer from your current web host? Here is how to:

Visit GoDaddy homepage

From the homepage select the domain names tab. From the tab, a drop-down list appears. Select transfer domain names.


Enter the domain name to transfer in the search box

After you enter the name hit search. From the search results, you will get to know if you can transfer your domain or not.

GoDaddy domain unlock

This shows your domain is unlocked and you can initiate the transfer. Well, if it’s not green you have to verify with your domain host.

Alternatively, keep refreshing to check on your status.

Enter authorization code

Fill in the code received from your registrar to authenticate the process of transfer. Once the code is verified you will see a green checkmark.

GoDaddy domain transfer authorization

Click continue

Here you then proceed to choose your privacy options. 


Enter your payment methods and complete your purchase. One has then to wait for about 5-7 days for the transfer.

That’s how easy it is to transfer domain to GoDaddy. One just needs to be patient and wait for the domain to show up on the GoDaddy account.



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