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6 Google Cloud Platform Services With Relatable Use Cases

To stay competitive in today’s market, it is important to use the latest technology. Google Cloud Platform Services is a suite of cloud-based tools that offer businesses an array of benefits including scalability and security. 

Some popular services include GSuite, BigQuery, App Engine, Dataflow, etc. 

These services have helped companies like Netflix generate billions in revenue per year by using them with inexpensive resources! 

Here are 6 Google Cloud Platform Services you should know about if you want your company to be successful in today’s ever-changing landscape.

1). Search Engine

Google Cloud Platform services include a search engine that allows users to easily search through data. 

This service is used by companies such as Yelp and Expedia in order to provide their customers with accurate results when they are searching for something online.  

Furthermore, this tool can be combined with other Google services like BigQuery in order to obtain large amounts of information very quickly so businesses do not have to depend on third-party websites!

2). BigQuery 

BigQuery is a tool that allows you to analyze data sets and create models in order to make predictions.

Additionally, BigQuery can be used for predictive analysis which can help organizations predict things like customer preferences or the price of commodities over time! 

Companies like Ticketmaster and Citibank use this service for their daily operations.

This is a great tool because it can help companies make more money by using resources effectively! 

For example;

If a company knows that they have to sell 100 widgets every day then they would be able to determine how much stock should be bought in order to meet demand at minimum cost. 

In the past, businesses had no way of knowing about potential problems until it was too late but with BigQuery there are steps taken beforehand so organizations do not lose revenue from missed opportunities due to lack of information.

If you want your business or organization’s data analyzed quickly and accurately then I recommend GCP services such as BigQuery which will allow employees more time to focus on other areas of the company rather than trying to gather data or make sense of it.

3). Dataflow 

Dataflow is a tool that allows companies to build data pipelines and rapidly move large amounts of data from one system to another.  

For example;

An organization might have a website where customers can upload pictures or videos then store them in their databases for future use on other platforms such as social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

In this case, organizations will need to load the information into Bigquery so it can be used with other Google Cloud Platform Services! 

This process would take days if employees had to do everything manually but by using DataFlow they are able to complete tasks much quicker without making mistakes which helps teams work more efficiently and deliver products faster than competitors who may not have access to tools like these!

Dataflow also has functions similar to Hadoop which allow people to create clusters of machines that can work together in order to analyze data. 

Dataflow is a great tool for companies like Netflix who may want their employees to focus on other aspects of running the company rather than trying to figure out how to make tasks more efficient!

4). Cloud CDN 

Cloud CDN is a service that allows companies to quickly upload and download large amounts of data by using Google’s globally distributed edge points! 

This tool can be very beneficial for businesses that need fast access to information in order to make the right business decisions.

For example;

If your company needs real-time analytics and you do not want users experiencing latency issues then I recommend trying Google Cloud Platform services such as Cloud CDN along with BigQuery.

The two could help boost profits by allowing teams more time to focus on other aspects of their job rather than manually uploading or downloading files from multiple sources around the world as this process would take much longer without tools like these. 

Truth is, in today’s day and age where having accurate information at your is crucial it makes sense for organizations to invest in tools that can help them get information faster!

Who should use this google platform service?

You should consider using Cloud CDN if your company does not have the computer infrastructure needed to handle large data files or you are looking for an effective way to deliver high-quality media content throughout the world. 

Since this service is built on top of other existing Google GCP services it means that teams will not be required to learn new technologies which could save organizations time and money when trying to build their own “in-house” systems.

5). Cloud Storage 

In today’s day and age where more data is being created every minute it makes sense for companies to have a way of storing this information without needing physical infrastructure which can be costly.

In order to do this, organizations should look into using Google Cloud Platform Services such as GCP Storage because they provide massive amounts of storage at low costs! 

For example;

If you wanted your company or organization’s website content backed up in the cloud then I would recommend trying out these services thanks to their high level of availability and reliability no matter what type of business you are running! 

This means that even if there was an outage with one part of the system all other areas will continue operating normally which is crucial when dealing with large volumes of data.

6). Cloud Run 

If you have been running a website or app for some time now then there is a good chance that you have used other Google Cloud Platform Services such as App Engine.

App engine is mainly designed to help developers build and run scalable applications with minimal effort.

But what if your business has grown so much that it needs more control over its own infrastructure? 

Well, in this case, I would recommend trying out Cloud Run which allows companies to deploy containers without the need of managing servers! 

This means teams do not need to worry about scaling their system by adding additional machines because they can instead use tools like Kubernetes Autoscaler (which reacts automatically when the load changes) to deal with these situations efficiently! 

Overall, whether you are looking for an affordable solution for your existing business or you are just starting out Cloud Run is a perfect tool to have when it comes to deploying scalable applications in the cloud!

Final thoughts on Google Cloud Platform services

Overall, these six GCP services provide immense value for businesses that want more flexibility over how they store and analyze data while remaining cost-efficient.

As such,  we would recommend giving all of them a try today.

Also, In order to learn more about how GCP services can help teams build and run their web-based apps be sure to check out our blog posts.



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