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Free Landing Pages

Free Landing Pages:

Have you ever heard of a landing page?

You must be wondering what kind of an animal is a landing page. You know what? The world is going digital. You cannot do digital marketing without knowing what a landing page is.

A landing page is an independent web page that is created specifically to provide, market, or advertise a product or an online service. It generates sales or leads. Also is known as a destination page or lead capture page. It is a page where a visitor lands when he/she clicks a link or an ad in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, emails, or other web pages. A landing page has only one goal that is a call for action that increases the rate of conversion. This makes it different from other web pages.

Is a home page the same as a landing page?

Of course yes

A home page is designed to introduce a visitor into websites or brands and shows them the content they can get. Also, a home page has several links for various purposes that a visitor can click.

On the other hand, a landing page introduces a visitor into a target market then takes the visitor to the brand and converts the visitor into a lead and finally, the visitor becomes a paying customer.

It simply receives and converts traffic from online marketing campaigns.


Types of landing pages

The entrepreneurs and business persons do achieve different objectives with the help of landing pages.  Due to this fact, landing pages have been categorized based on what you want to market campaigns.

These are the types of landing pages:

  1. Click-through landing pages

These types of landing pages provide information on offers, discounts, or promotions. They tend to convince the visitor to buy immediately. As such, can as well be used later on to conduct another purchase.

  1. Product information landing pages

These types of landing pages are meant to give information on products. They are often used by retailers who commit their efforts to market the landing pages on their website. This page drives and directs visitors that are interested in a product and convinces them to buy right away.

  1. Lead Generating landing pages

These landing pages capture information of a targeted web visitor and convert them into a lead. The information that is captured includes; name, phone number, email address, job title, etc. Using this information, the company converts a lead into a customer. For example, the landing page is used to make a list of email subscribers and increase sales.

  1. Explainer landing pages

This landing page is rich in content that is used to convince visitors to act. It presents features, benefits, and an enticing copy for visitors to read.

Other types of landing pages are viral landing pages, microsites, splash pages among others.

Who uses a landing page?

You may be wondering who uses landing pages.

  • Marketers
  • Business people
  • Bloggers and big incorporation

They use landing pages to market their products, content, and services. Also, they give information about the features and benefits of a product or service to their targeted visitors.

Landing pages are used in different tactics that include; social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and pay per click advertising.

Why use a landing page?

  1. It leads a customer into buying a particular product, service, or offer.
  2. Encourages visitors to take action.
  3. Helps in driving traffic into your page
  4. Improves your search engine optimization
  5. Helps in building your brand
  6. It is the best for pay per click (PPC) businesses
  7. Helps you convert and build customers for future business.

Did you know you can possess a landing page for free? It is every marketer’s dream to have a landing page to improve its sales.

Where can you get a free landing page?

This is where comes in.

Free Landing pages at is a website builder that offers you a free landing page. You don’t have to spend any penny on it.

With the tool, you have access to high speed and fast loading pages you can create within a very short time.

Moreover, the Olitt tool allows creating an attractive and qualified page with very little effort, thanks to the drag-and-drop technology.

Here, you don’t need to have attended a coding class to create a landing page with

Features of Olitt free landing pages

What are the features of’s landing page?

  1. Prior coding knowledge is not needed.
  2. Readily available page templates
  3. Has pages that are SEO optimized
  4. The pages are fast loading since they aided by in-built CDN and GZIP compressions.
  5. Safety is guaranteed thus your data cannot be stolen or misused
  6. Free SSL certificates

Why use the landing page?

  1. Cheap and affordable
  2. Comes with several features such as free SEO, SSL certificates
  3. It has a very high loading speed powered by CDN
  4. Offers Custom domains
  5. Easy to use
  6. Contains many templates you can use
  7. Security is guaranteed.
  8. No coding skills needed.


In conclusion, landing pages are far much different from other types of pages. They are very important in digital marketing and help in generating leads that eventually become customers.

With landing pages, marketers, bloggers, and the corporations can lead their targeted website users to a landing page where they can buy a product, service, and read content to get information about a particular product or service.

Additionally, landing pages help page owners to keep a list of email from their visitors for future buying. In need of more information? follow this link to learn more.

Get Free Landing Pages now.


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