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Imagine a Free SSL Gateway! Here is How To Get It

What is SSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a type of Virtual Private Network (VPN) which uses the SSL protocol in web browsers to provide secure and remote access to VPN capability. It uses end to end encryption for data that is being transmitted between the end-point device software and the SSL VPN server from where the client connects securely to the internet.

SSL gateways allow authentic users to establish secure connections to internal HTTP and https services through standard web browsers to get direct access to networks.

Importance of SSL gateway

The key reason why you need to use it is to prevent unauthorized users from intruding on network communications and accessing or modifying sensitive data.

They enable users to gain access to regulated network resources through a secure and coded pathway by encrypting all network traffic by making it appear like the user is on the local network despite their geographic location.

As an enterprise employee, telecommuter, or contractor, you can safely connect to private enterprise networks.

Advantages of SSL gateways

  • It uses the latest technology that is embedded on modern web browsers which nullifies the need to install specific client software
  • You get a more advanced outbound security connection as compared to traditional VPN controls.
  • They require less technical support and administrative overhead
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited choice of web browsers which is also not dependent on the Operating System (OS)
  • They can be configured to enable more precise access control
  • Network traffic can be easily divided into securely tunneled circuits to acquire protected resources or non-tunneled circuits to access public resources or applications.

Now it is high time we ensure that your website has an SSL gateway. As much as we acknowledge that it is a must-have for your site, you do not have to choke your budget buying it.

Getting a Free SSL Gateway

You can create a secure website with a completely free SSL gateway with All websites and landing pages come with a free SSL certificate. No credit cards needed, not even for the free plan.

What’s more, is that the free SSL certificate is powered by Lets Encrypt and hence it has the highest browser compatibility on both desktop and mobile.



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