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How To Use Namecheap Whois

Namecheap is very popular when it comes to domain name registration. One of the main contributors to this is their exemplary Namecheap Whois service. They also provide a wide variety of quality services like: 

  • Web hosting
  • WordPress 
  • Email
  • Security
  • Domain

In this article, we shall be exploring more about the Namecheap Whois under the Domains category to help you discover how you can benefit from this ingenious tool. Let us start by defining what exactly it is.

What is Namecheap Whois?

Namecheap provides a service called Whois that is used to provide basic information about a registered domain. This information includes:

  • The domain owner contact information
  • Domain availability status
  • The Registrar (the company under which the domain is registered).
  • Registration and expiration dates of a domain
  • The nameservers the domain name is using.

This is part of the reason why ICANN regulations require every domain owner to provide up to date information since it will be displayed publicly on their giant address book 

where all people can view.

The Namecheap Whois tool helps you find out if a domain is taken and if it is not, you can register it as yours right away!

What if the domain is already registered? 

Getting a specific domain name can mean so much to an individual or a business. On the way to getting the ideal domain, you may find that it is already in use. 

The best part is in knowing that this is not the end of the road in acquiring it.

 Whois gives you the option to present an offer to the current domain owner and start negotiating. When you present an irresistible offer, you never know the outcome. They may accept to sell it to you. Just give it a shot.

Who can use Namecheap Whois?

This tool is excellent for a wide variety of users. Below we have highlighted some instances when Namecheap Whois is particularly useful, you are welcome to add to our list.

  • Any person interested in acquiring a domain and wants to find out if it is taken already. 
  • Anyone who wants to find a website owner or contact a domain name holder. It is also useful for a legal team that, Auto-Renewal wants to clarify ownership for trademark disputes.
  • Domain buyers and sellers who want to access the site ownership details fast. This aids in quickening the domain purchasing process. 

How to use the Namecheap Whois Tool

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can discover who owns a domain.

  1. Click here to access the Namecheap Homepage. You will see a window like the one shown below.
Namecheap Whois
  1. Select the Domain option as highlighted below. You will see a drop-down of the domain services that Namecheap provides. These include:
  • Domain name search
  • Domain transfer
  • New TLDs
  • Bulk domain search
  • TLD list
  • Marketplace
  • Whois Lookup
  • Premium DNS
  • Free DNS
Namecheap Whois
  1. Select the Whois Lookup option to access the window shown below. You can enter the domain name of interest in the search box below and click on the Search icon to find out the following.
  • Is the domain available for registering
  • The contact details available
  • Who is the domain owner
  • The registration expiration date
Namecheap Whois

We conducted a sample search to give you a glimpse of what you can expect. 

Sample 1: A domain name that is already registered.

We searched for the domain name and these are the results we got. 

The results are comprehensive and contain all the details you would need. Check out the graphic below. 

Namecheap Whois

Sample 2: An unregistered domain name 

We searched for the domain and found it is still available. The graphic below shows the full details of our search results. 

If this is your domain of choice, you can go right ahead and add it to the Cart. you can choose any registration duration between 1 to 10 years. In this case, we chose to register the domain for one year. The special price for the initial registration is $9.18 per year and an additional $0.18 ICANN fee. 

You can utilize the Auto-Renewal function to retain your domain for more than one year. Note that the renewal cost is $12.98, a bit higher than the initial cost. 

The best part about purchasing a domain with Namecheap is that you get Domain Privacy free forever. 

Namecheap provides privacy protection through the company for registration, transfer, renewal, and reactivation for domains that support it. 

Namecheap Whois

After checking all the boxes above to your preferred specifications, you can then confirm your order and check out. 

Protecting your privacy online

Having your personal contact information listed publicly can feel insecure. That is why you need to consider domain privacy protection. 

This works in such a way that when someone searches for your web address on the Namecheap Whois database, they get alternative contact information displayed instead of yours. 

In addition to having free Domain Privacy Services on Namecheap, you can be assured that any details you share with them remain confidential. What’s more, privacy protection limits you from having marketing firms and online fraudsters from accessing your contact information. 

Why Namecheap is the best option for you

  1. Dependable customer service

Namecheap provides 24/7 support of knowledgeable, professional, friendly real people to assist you with any issue. 

This way, you can smoothly maneuver through the site, test your creativity and come up with the desired outcome. 

  1. Top-notch privacy and security

Namecheap prioritizes your website security and privacy needs. They also uphold individual and customer rights online. Using the internet then feels safe, open, and free.

  1. Boost your business online

Your search for a better internet experience comes to a fruitful end with Namecheap. They have packages of rightly built products and services to boost your business at the most competitive prices. 

In Conclusion

Namecheap Whois is the best plug for domain services. They offer comprehensive solutions for all the domain services you may need at the most competitive prices. A good domain is like a stepping stone to achieving your milestones. Now that everything is at your fingertips, be sure to check out the domain name you’ve been longing for.  


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