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Lifespeed Web server


A lifespeed web server is the leading high performance and scalable web server that can be used to replace an apache server without changing any other program or operating system details. It is produced by lifespeed technologies. It is used in WordPress, Drupal and Joomla based websites because of its high PHP performance.

Features of life speed web server

  1. Runs on Linux operating system.
  2. It is compatible with mod-security features.
  • It has an SSL to speed the delivery of a secure website.

Advantages of lifespeed web server

  • Lifespeed web server is compatible with all control panels for apache such as Cpanel, Plesk and direct admin.
  • Lifespeed can load Apache configuraton files directly and can fully integrate with popular control panel.
  • Lifespeed server is compatible with Apache’s mood of security.
  • It is equipped with anti-DDoS features to stop attackers from causing server problems.
  • Lifespeed server helps to reduce the support costs with its unique features to provide a stable hosting platform.
  • Lifespeed web server increases the performance and scalability of web hosting applications.
  • It serves multiple users with minimum usage and utilization of the server resources.
  • Increase in server security.
  • Lifespeed web server can load Apache configuration files directly to integrate with popular control panels.
  • It is easy to upgrade from apache.
  • When you switch from apache to lifespeed server, you do not incur the cost of a license.
  • The web server consumes less memory and CPU power.
  • It reads apache configuration files.
  • Do not experience downtime configuration changes.


Lifespeed web server editions                           

  • Openlite speed edition that is used for large and high traffic websites. It is free for personal and commercial use.
  • Standard edition for small and low traffic websites that is free and can be used for commercial and personal purposes. It is compatible with different control panel like WHM/ Cpanel.
  • Enterprise edition that is used for large and high-traffic websites. It is compatible with the hosting panel. It provides a high compatibility level.



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