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#7 Best Providers of Cheap VPS Servers in Kenya

VPS servers in Kenya are among the in-demand cloud services by businesses and individuals within the country and Africa at large. But what is the reason for such a high trend?

In this article, I try we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to VPS
  • Benefits of VPS
  • Why choose the VPS servers in Kenya
  • Best providers of VPS in Kenya


Introduction to VPS in Kenya

A virtual private server is a virtual machine you buy online from a cloud service provider and users access and manage it online. This technology involves logically subdividing the physical servers into many logical servers known as VPS. Unlike the physical servers, virtual servers run on software that equally runs on the underlying or the primary OS.

 VPS run their operating system and resources such as the RAM and the disk space. This partitioning is necessitated through the use of various virtualization technology.

This technology in Kenya is the same as shared-hosting but users of the VPS have the root privileges on their respective VPS. This implies that the user can install a third-party application that runs on their OS. 

It’s important to note that, though the users of VPS have overlapping trust boundaries, each VPS manages its resources and it’s bound from accessing other resources of the VPS.

All the VPS running within the physical server are created and managed by the hypervisor.


Benefits of VPS servers in Kenya.

VPS in general is more beneficial. VPS server is cheaper than a physical or dedicated server, highly scalable, offers more control and processing power. But what are the benefits of purchasing VPS servers in Kenya?

First, Kenya is the commercial center of most countries within east and central Africa with many businesses located within its capital. 

Kenya can be thought of as the link between the south and the north. 

Most VPS providers in Kenya have the VPS hosted in data centers within the country that are optimized in terms of speed and ensures low latency.

Second, the VPS servers in Kenya sell at cheaper prices compared to ones in Europe and America. This is due to stiff competition between providers. Works well for consumers! 

Why choose the VPS servers in Kenya?

While the answer is quite evident from the above, it’s quite good to note the VPS providers from the country hold a great reputation within Africa and the rest of the world.

You don’t want to gamble with an unknown provider, right? 

Best VPS servers in Kenya

The quality of the services offered tends to differ from provider to provider. A business aiming for higher performance will need to countercheck each provider to find a perfect fit. This involves in-depth consideration of the following factors:

  • Cost

The amount charged on a VPS varies depending on the resources allocated and broadly from one provider to another. It’s effective in choosing a pocket-friendly provider.

  • Resources

This includes resources disk space, RAM, the processing speed, bandwidth, etc.

You need to check the resources allocated to a given VPS.

This works best when executing tasks that require intense resource allocation.

For example;

Online trading; is a highly profitable venture that relies on quick decision-making. In order to make money fast, you need fast systems, which is why you should consider a Forex VPS.

  • Performance and reliability

A high performing VPS should guarantee high availability of >99.95%

  • Security

This is the ability of the VPS to resist the attacks. The success of a business relies on the ability to secure its assets. You may consider hardened VPS that can resist attacks. 

#7 Best Providers of Cheap VPS Servers in Kenya

The list below highlights some of the best VPS provider that you may consider:

  1.     Truehost

Truehost is a highly reputable company in Kenya and Africa at large. The company specializes in cloud services, domain registration, and SEO. The company sells VPS running on an SSD disk and powered by Litespeed technology, making it more advanced than former hard drives. Their VPS guarantees high performance.

Truehost helps you save that extra expense that you could have incurred elsewhere.

  1. offers quite a variety of products. They provide many upgrade packages to ensure you do not outgrow your VPS. This VPS includes 6 plans with resources allocated increasing up the plans. The VPS sells at a cost ranging from 1700KSH/month and 18100 KSH/month.


  1. provide VPS with Cpanel except for beginner VPS. The VPSs are fully managed. They contain 4 plans selling at price ranging from 1300KSH pm and 10500KSH per month. They also offer other cloud and tech services.


They provide secure VPS with high processing capability and highly reliable. The product sells from 3000 KSH and KSH 7500. 


The company also offers a variety of services such as domain registration. Though they are not a popular choice, they do offer fast and high performing VPS. They sell 3 plans for a cost ranging from 700KSH pm and 2000KSH per month 


They sell VPS preinstalled with CloudLinux and Cpanel/WHM, optimized, secure, hardened against OS and Kernel vulnerabilities. The VPSs are packaged with security being the main consideration.


The Cpanels are secured with Comodo web application firewall, ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF), Mod Security, Linux Malware Detector (LMD), and Imunify360 6-Layer security.

If you are that organization that relies on high secure VPS then sasahost is a great option and this is what ranks them high among the best provider of VPS servers in Kenya. 

The VPS sell at price ranging from 6500 KSH pm and 12500 KSH pm. 


Safaricom is not only a telecommunication giant, they also provide cloud services including email hosting, VPS, domain registration, etc.

If you are looking for high performing VPS, then you won’t rule out Safaricom VPS with a minimum of VPS processing speed of 3.3GHZ


There are many considerations that you require to make before making a contract with any provider. In this article, we try to highlight some that are pivotal. However, it’s good to be driven by the business need, this will save unnecessary expenditure.

The VPS server in Kenya may be many, but picking the right won’t be challenging after you have read this article. They aren’t so many reviews of this VPS online, but the information in this article is enough to start.


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