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VM backup in 2019

Innovative Virtual Machine Backup Service for VMs and VPS.

Virtual Machines have become popular cloud resources for Developers, Startups, and Corporates testing or running applications. VPS provides dedicated resources for applications for optimal performance.


Growth of VPS and VM usecases has called for innovations around the VMs.

VMS/VPS running application a data protection plan.

Every VM require a data backup plan that periodically takes a snapshot of data and allow restore when need be.


At Cloudpap, VPS Backup Service is available at $9.99 inclusive of cloud storage.

This is one of most important investment that any VPS operator require. Some of benefits of setting up a VPS Backup plans include:


Easy data Migration

Do you need to migrate from one VPS to another within the same provider or to a different provider? Utilize Cloudpap VPS backup service to backup and restore in the new VPS.


Roll Back Application Changes

Have experienced a situation where changes in application or in data have gone wrong and you would require to roll back to a former working position. You can rollback when you are on Cloudpap VPS Backup plan.


Change VPS Type

Have you experienced need to change the VPS platform, you are using Xen Server, VMware, KVM, and you need to move to a different type of VPS technology platform (Virtualization). There are limited options on how you can do this.


This is one of the many solution that Cloudpap Backup solution provides.

Move from Xenserver to Hyper-V VM or Xenserver to VMware or KVM to VMware and vice versa using Cloudpap VM Backup.


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