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How to Start a Blogging Business in Pakistan: The Ultimate Guide

I want to thank you for clicking on this blog post. You are probably interested in starting a blogging business in Pakistan, but don’t know where to start. 

Well, I am here to help! 

Let me tell you about what it takes to turn your ideas into reality – from finding the right domain name and hosting provider for your website, all the way through monetizing your site with Google Adsense or affiliate marketing programs in Pakistan.

As always, I am starting you off with a few definitions to understand what I will be talking about in this guide.

Sounds good?


Definition of terms

  • Blog –  a website where an individual or group of people can share thoughts, ideas, and experiences
  • Domain name – the address of your website (e.g.
  • Hosting provider – a company that provides space on their server for you to store your website files
  • Site traffic – the number of visitors who visit your blog each month
  • Blog monetization – the process of making money from your blog in Pakistan through various methods, such as advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling products and services
  • Blog niche –  the specific topic that your blog focuses on

With that out of the way, let us look at the things you will need to start a blogging business in Pakistan.

What do I need to start a blog?

a). Niche – you need a specific topic your website will be based upon. For example, you choose to write certain products, news, parenting… you get the idea?

b). Domain name – as we have already defined, this is that special address people will type into their browser to access your website. 

c). Hosting space – your blog in Pakistan needs a home, that is where website hosting comes in

d). Budget – see, starting a website in Pakistan needs some kind of investment from you. While it is true you can create a blog for free, it is not a recommended way to take, unless you don’t have even a single penny to invest in your blogging business.

With these things, you are ready to start a blogging business in Pakistan.

Now, let us look at the steps of how to start a blogging business in Pakistan.

Step One: Pick a niche for your blog

The first step is to choose a blog niche in Pakistan. 

Your blog’s topic should be something that you have some interest in and knowledge about, which will help to keep your passion for blogging alive throughout the process of setting up your website. 

Do not ignore this step, and make a huge mistake like other bloggers in Pakistan.

See, starting and growing a successful blogging business in Pakistan is not easy or a walk in the park.

It will demand attention and patience from you. And when that happens, it will take more than your energy to see it through. And that is why it is critical that you be passionate about your blog topic in Pakistan.

On the other hand, if you plan on monetizing with ads or affiliate marketing programs, it is important to stay away from very competitive niches so as not to dilute your audience.

Steer away from crowded niches such as Finance and News!


You will struggle to grow your blog in Pakistan. 

Do you want that?

I suppose not!

Step Two: Find a domain name and hosting provider for your blog

Once you have selected a topic, it is time to find an appropriate domain name (the address of your website) and web host in Pakistan. 

There are literally hundreds of companies that offer one or both services for bloggers in Pakistan who want to get their ideas out into the world. 

The easiest place to start your search is on Google, using the following keywords: “domain name registration in Pakistan” and “blog hosting in Pakistan”.

But before you do that, hear me out.

How would you like to pay Rs 177.88 per month to start a blogging business in Pakistan?

Well, it is possible thanks to Truehost Cloud.

For $1 per month, you can host up to one website, get access to a 30GB SSD storage space, 3 email addresses.

You also get a free SSL certificate to keep your website safe in Pakistan and increase your chances of ranking higher on Google in Pakistan.

At the same time, you also get unlimited bandwidth among other perks.

If that is something you’d be interested in, then go ahead and get started here.

Step Three: Set up a free WordPress blog and purchase a domain from your new host provider

If you want more flexibility for website customization options than what a free blogging platform like Blogger provides, then I recommend purchasing a domain name and hosting package from your chosen web host provider in Pakistan. 

This will give you full access to the files for your website, as well as unlimited storage space and bandwidth. 

In addition, most hosts provide a one-click installation of WordPress – the world’s most popular blogging platform – so getting your blog up and running is a breeze.

Now, to register your domain, I recommend you do that at Truehost Cloud.


Because they have the cheapest domains in Pakistan.

Imagine getting your hands on an Rs. 176.11 per year domain?

Yes, you can register a wide range of domains and get huge discounts.

Once you have registered your website name in Pakistan, the next step is to get a hosting package.

I think I have already covered this earlier.

Truehost Cloud has packages from as low as $1 per month, which gives you access to a ton of premium resources.

The next step to start a blogging business in Pakistan is to install wordpress into your domain.

Lucky for you, Truehost gives you access to a wordpress one-click installer, a tool you can use now to install WordPress in your domain in under 1 minute.

Better part?

You can do that without any technical knowledge. All you have to do is click an Install button!

Installed wordpress?

Step Four: Install a Theme and Plugins

The next step to start a blogging business in Pakistan is to get a theme and plugins for your new website.

WordPress themes are pre-designed website layouts that you can upload to your blog for free or purchase from a third party. 

Most people start out with one of the many free options available, but premium designs provide more functionality and customization capabilities at the cost of being paid products.

Plugins are small applications that add additional features to WordPress blogs in Pakistan – for instance, adding a contact form to your site. 

There are thousands of free plugins available on the WordPress Plugin repository, so there is no need to go with paid options unless you have very specific needs that require custom programming.

Here are some plugins you will need as you start your blogging career in Pakistan;

  • Yoast SEO – Helps you prepare your website for search engines
  • Contact 7 – create contact forms on your blog in Pakistan
  • Monster Insights – get analytics of your website


Step Five: Start Publishing Content

Now that your blog in Pakistan is set up and ready to go, it is time to start publishing content.

This can be anything from articles on your chosen topic, to pictures and videos, to interviews with other bloggers in your niche. 

The key is to provide valuable content that will keep people coming back for more, while also promoting your site through social media in Pakistan and other online sources. 

As your traffic grows, you can begin to monetize with ads or affiliate marketing programs like Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.

Don’t worry, we will talk about that in a minute.

When we talk of publishing content, I mean really valuable articles.

Just sit down and look at your chosen niche/topic. 

Ask yourself, what are people asking?

What are people in this niche struggling with?

And how can I provide solutions to those problems?

Now, sit down and create content that provides solutions to these problems.

Step Six: Monetize Your Blog With Adsense or Affiliate Marketing Programs

The last step in launching your successful blogging business in Pakistan is to start monetizing your site with either ad programs like Google Adsense or affiliate marketing programs. 

These are both methods of making money online in Pakistan by displaying ads or links to products on your blog and can be a great way to bring in extra income each month. 

Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any program before signing up, to ensure that your blog is an eligible host for ads or links.

For example;

Before joining Google Adsense, your blog should at least have 10 high-quality and unique articles published with easy navigation among other things.

To use affiliate marketing programs, you simply create links on your blog for specific products that are relevant to the content of each article. When readers click through and buy these items from Amazon or another participating retailer, you receive a small commission on the sale – usually between 1 and 8%.

Final thoughts

Your blogging business in Pakistan has the potential to grow indefinitely – as long as you are consistent in creating valuable content on a regular basis. 

Don’t get discouraged if no one reads your first few posts; just keep at it until you build up an audience of dedicated readers who will buy the products you recommend through your affiliate program links.

With hard work and dedication, anyone can start a successful blogging business that brings in extra income each month while also turning into something more long-term like a full-time job or even growing to turn into an empire. 

Keep these tips in mind as you begin building your own blogging empire in Pakistan!


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