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Olitt vs Squarespace: Bird-Eye Look Into Their Functionality

Before we look at Olitt vs Squarespace, did you know that mobile users have surpassed desktop users in browsing the web? Millions of users worldwide are finding it more convenient to use their phones than their laptops or desktops.

Such statistics should help you to always review how relevant your website is to the users. A smart move would be to choose a website builder that is flexible and has mobile-friendly templates. 

There is more to having a cutting-edge website in the current day and age. That could be a shocking truth and you might want to read on to discover two exquisite website builders, Olitt vs Squarespace.

These factors are key in helping you make the ultimate decision on your preferred website builder.

Ease of use

Time is a non-renewable resource. Make the best out of it by using a website builder that acknowledges exactly that.

Olitt enables you to publish your site in a span of minutes. You don’t have to be know coding all you have to do is use the drag and drop editor to place text and images according to your preference and you are ready to go live.

In terms of ease of use, Squarespace is rated as intermediate. The user interface is minimalist, which is great, but the usability could be improved. You will notice that the editor keeps prompting you to save the changes all the time which can really slow you down. 

Olitt gets the win for Olitt vs Squarespace in ease of use.


Design and Layout

Squarespace has more than 100 sophisticated themes that are optimized for mobile phones and tablets. They have excellent designs for the detail and are highly customizable with the artistic and modern touch. To add, they keep adding new layouts and improving the existing ones.

Olitt has hundreds of templates that are industry-specific. They are also quite unique as they always produce edge websites for you and are easy to customize.

In this category, Olitt vs Squarespace gets a tie because they serve users with the best and it depends on the user preference on which one wins.


Squarespace has solid SEO options which allow you to customize title tags, URLs, and meta description. The only set back is adding alt text for your images which is quite tedious considering the fundamental role that plays as far as on-page SEO is concerned.

Olitt websites and landing pages come optimized with search engine optimization. This increases your site’s performance on the web, and you don’t have to go through the hustle of having external integrations to prepare your site. 

SEO match for Olitt vs Squarespace, Olitt gets the win.

Ecommerce features

Squarespace allows you to easily integrate a shopping cart to your blog or website. it also features customer login and sale of digital downloads.

Olitt provides you with edge websites and is integrated with payment options like PayPal and Stripe.

In the category, Squarespace gets the win as it has superior eCommerce features. 

Blogging capabilities

Squarespace has blogging features like multi-authors, commenting, geolocation tags, AMP support as well as the option to schedule posts. An exemplary feature is the podcast hosting that is complete with iTunes syndication and RSS feed.

Olitt has the capacity to allow you to share content with your audience but not any outstanding blogging features.

For blogging between Olitt vs Squarespace, Squarespace gets the win.  

Plans and pricing

Olitt has the cheapest unmatched deals in the market worldwide. You don’t have to question the quality as they have outdone themselves in giving you the best deals at the most pocket-friendly prices. 


Squarespace on the other hand has four fair pricing tiers. They are as shown below:

squarespace pricing

In this category, Olitt gets the win!



Squarespace has a 24/7 ticket system and Live Chat. The knowledge base at the Frequently Asked Questions section is comprehensive. The only personal contact they have is the email and it is deemed as reliable by most of the users

Olitt also provides 24/7 support to users with a very dependable Live Chat. You can also get video tutorials, phone contact during office hours.

In the support match for Olitt vs Squarespace, Olitt has the win!


Olitt vs Squarespace is such a tight match for anyone trying to settle on one of them. From the analysis, you just need to have a priority list for the website you want to create and if all the categories fall on one of these website builders then you are good to go!



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