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Olitt vs Cloudflare: Can They Help Secure Your Website?

To start off, Cloudflare is not a website builder OLITT, which includes Olitt. However, in our comparison of Olitt vs Cloudflare, we will focus on specific aspects that are key for any website owner or user.

Cloudflare is mostly focused on offering security solutions and increasing performance to anyone on the internet. It can be blogs, eCommerce sites, company websites, personal websites, and any other platform on the internet. Basically, it is a network of data centers that are between your web server and the rest of the internet. 

However, this does not compromise the place of website builders offering security to website users. For this reason, we are going to compare various aspects of Olitt vs Cloudflare to help you choose the best solutions for your online platforms


Cloudflare boasts of having the world’s fastest content delivery network (CDN). The characteristics below will bring the picture closer for you:

  • 2 times faster loading times to deliver fast rich user experiences for optimizing internet engagement
  • No additional charges for bandwidth spikes. You only get flat charges based on the plan you are using
  • Easy to use for users to make changes and improve the performance for complex applications.

On the other hand, Olitt connects every website and landing page to a reliable global CDN. This CDN network is powered by a network of exceeding 42 PoPs in 5 continents. With this, you are assured of a fast loading site anywhere in the world.


Olitt offers its clients with a free DNS management tool. It allows the addition of unlimited domain names and supports all the common DNS record types. With this service, you can forget the struggle of managing your domain names.

Cloudflare can safely boast being position one in providing scalable, reliable, and managed DNS service. Incredibly, they run it on the same infrastructure as Google. It has low latency and is a cost-effective way of making your applications available to your users. as if that’s not enough, you can easily publish and manage millions of DNS records using the simple user interface.


In building a better and safer internet, you need to encrypt as much web traffic as possible to prevent web theft and other malicious activities on the internet. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link makes sure that the data being transferred remains private. 

Websites need to use SSL to keep their connections safe as well as protect customer’s data from tampering. 

More reasons as to why you need to use it are:

  • Improving performance by enhancing page load times
  • Boost your search ranking
  • Increase visitors trust since protected pages display a green lock in the browsers address bar
  • Regulatory compliance to the PCI

Olitt acknowledges this need and therefore provides free SSL certificates for all website builders, including the websites under the free plan.

Cloudflare on the other hand, as the expert in providing security on the internet space, provides free SSL services and even more at sophisticated levels.

In conclusion, we can say that Olitt vs Cloudflare has done their due diligence in ensuring internet security for all users. 

For sophisticated security needs, Cloudflare will provide you with all it takes. Olitt on the other hand stands out as one of the website builders that offer users with tight security and optimum performance for your site. You can safely trust them with all regular security needs for your site at almost zero costs.


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