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List of 5 best webhosting companies in the world.

This article is based on authors experience over the past 10 years of active web development and maintenance. Some of companies that have hosted with include Godaddy, Hostigator, Scalahosting, Truehost Cloud, Kenya Web experts, Sasahost, Bluehost, and Siteground.

I will highlight my experience in all the hosting companies and in conclusion recommend my top 5 best web hosting companies in the world.


One of the easiest web hosting company to start on, well know and highly recommended. I was excited buying my domain at $2 and my total hosting cost was under $20.

The service was great in the first days but started experiencing strains when I needed support. I had to study the knowledgebase to fix my issue as their support personnel were not available.

Then my worst experience struck, my ecommerce website database got to 1GB and immediately my website was blocked. There was no reasonable remedy but to transfer to Hostigator.


After moving from Godaddy I headed straight to another popular service, Hostigator support helped move my website content to their servers and I was excited by how supportive they were.

Soon after moving they recommended that I would need to upgrade my website from cloud hosting to VPS, which I did. The service work out well for first days, but soon I realized my bill was growing fast as soon as the initial discounts expired.

I started shopping for an affordable webhosting service.


I moved my ecommerce website to a smaller, less known service provider based in Texas.

At Scalahosting, the services were great and they had excellent live support. I enjoyed the warmth of the support services and got to know them by name – Rad, Alex, Vince…

Scalahosting however, used to experience rare downtimes that would be resolved with an hour. Besides that I liked the service. I had to move when I needed more control on my service – root access, my own server, my own private name servers, I moved to Truehost Clod.

Truehost Cloud

From the moment I contacted Truehost through their Livechat and liked how responsive they were. They advise me to get a VPS, with WHM/Cpanel and all my concerns on control, root access, nameservers who be sorted. I made order of $27 and got credential 30 minutes later with all set, the moved my website overnight and the rest is history.


I was managing a client website at Sasahost back in 2014 on an 8GB package which was new in the market. The service was good but I got frustrated as soon as I needed support in the late hours of the night – they were not available.

I had to move the client to Kenya Web Experts who were emerging very strongly.

Kenya Web Experts

The services were good and went on to host more sites with them. The support was ok and there were fewer downtimes.

Then they doubled their webhosting costs and my client demanded to move, the client claimed the issue was not the new price but the abrupt change in price. I moved the client to Truehost Cloud and the rest is history.


A Client contacted my services while hosting at Bluehost, the client needed a shopping cart on his safari website. After I developed and integrated with the website, my cart did not work as it was working on my development server at Truehost. I raised support tickets withy support team in vain. The client resolved we move to Siteground.


We moved the site to Siteground and my code worked out well. The client required further integrations on the cart which I worked on, then came the shocker on updating on production server – they updates failed. I tried to fix them but the fixes required some server configurations which Siteground wouldn’t support.

I recommended client to move to Truehost Cloud, which we moved 6 months ago.

My top 5 Web hosting companies in the world

  1. Truehost Cloud
  2. Scalahosting
  3. Siteground
  4. Bluehost
  5. Hostigator


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