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Server Configuration

  • Basic cPanel & WHM Setup – Displays your basic server settings
  • Change Root Password – Changes your root password
  • Configure cPanel Cron Jobs – Allows you to configure Cron jobs that will run as the root user
  • Initial Quota Setup – Enables Quota management on machines that have a kernel that doesn’t support quotas
  • Server Time – Set the server timezone / sync the time
  • Statistics Software Configuration – Enables you to customize the statistics settings
  • Tweak Settings – Many tweaks to increase/decrease server responsiveness
  • Update Preferences – Configure the way your server will be updates



  • Create Support Ticket – Open a support ticket for cPanel WHM support directly
  • Grant cPanel Support Access – Grant access to cPanel support staff
  • Support Center – cPanel Support


Network Setup

  • Change Hostname – Allows you to change the hostname of your server
  • Resolver Configuration – Guides you through configuring your resolvers


Security Center

  • Apache mod_userdir Tweak – Allows users to view their sites by entering a tilde (~)
  • Compiler Access – Allows you to deny access to the compiler for unprivileged users
  • Configure Security Policies – Provides the configuration settings to cpanel, webmail, and WHM
  • cPHulk Brute Force Protection – Allows you to change the brute force protection rules
  • Host Access Control – Allows you to define rules to allow or deny access to your server and services
  • Manage External Authentications – Manage authentication providers and authenticated users
  • Manage root’s SSH Keys – Allows you to generate a new SSH key or import one
  • Manage Wheel Group Users – Sets system Power User Permissions/Group
  • ModSecurity Configuration – Configure global settings for ModSecurity
  • ModSecurity Tools – Install and manage ModSecurity rules
  • ModSecurity Vendors – Install and manage your ModSecurity vendors
  • Password Strength Configuration – Allows you to modify the required password strength
  • PHP open_basedir Tweak –  Prevents from opening files outside their home directory (if enabled)
  • Security Advisor – Performs a quick security check
  • Security Questions – Allows you to set a security question for when you access the system from a unrecognized IP
  • Shell Fork Bomb Protection – Prevents users with Terminal/SSH access from using up all the systems resources
  • SMTP Restrictions – Configure your server so that only specified users and daemons can connect to remote SMTP servers
  • SSH Password Authorization Tweak – Allows you to enable/disable SSH password authentication
  • Traceroute Enable/Disable – Enable/Disable statistics from the server to another host
  • Two Factor Authentication – Configure two factor authentication


Server Contacts

  • Edit System Mail Preferences – Enables system mail forwarding
  • Contact Manager – Allows you to specify what types of alerts you receive



  • Change ownership of an Account – Allows you to change the ownership of a reseller account
  • Change ownership of multiple accounts – Allows you to change the ownership of multiple reseller accounts
  • Edit reseller privileges & nameservers – Manage your resellers permissions
  • Email all resellers – Send an email to all resellers
  • Manage reseller’s IP delegation – Manage the IP Addresses your resellers can access
  • Manage reseller’s main/shared IP – Allows you to set your resellers main/shared IPs
  • Reseller Center – Easy reseller account management
  • Reset resellers – Forces resellers to use pre-made packages
  • Show Reseller Accounts – List reseller accounts
  • View usage/stats and Manage Account Status – Allows you to view statistics, suspend, terminate, etc


Service Configuration

  • Apache Configuration – Multiple options for configuring Apache
  • Configure PHP and SuExec – Allows you to configure Apache PHP Handler
  • cPanel Log Rotation Configurations – Allows you to change the way cPanel rotates logs
  • cPanel WebDisk Configuration – Allows you to configure the cipher list for Cpanels Web Disk
  • cPanel Web Services – Allows you to configure the cipher list for Cpanels web services
  • Exim Configuration Manager – Allows you to change the Exim configuration
  • FTP Server Configuration – Allows you to configure the FTP Server Settings
  • FTP Server Selection – Select which FTP Server you prefer
  • Mailserver Configuration – Allows you to configure the Mailserver settings
  • Manage Service SSL Certificates – Manage and install SSL certificates
  • Nameserver Selection – Select the Nameserver Program you prefer
  • PHP Configuration Editor – Allows you to edit the PHP configuration
  • Service Manager – Allows you to control what services are enabled



  • Configure Application Locales – Customize the language in which the system displays a user’s locale
  • Copy a Locale – Duplicate a locale into a standard locale or a non-standard locale
  • Delete a Locale – Delete a locale
  • Edit a Locale – Edit a locale
  • Locate XML Downloads – Download a locale for editing
  • View Available Locales – Shows a list of available locales



  • Backup Configuration – Allows you to configure automated backups
  • Backup Restoration – Allows you to restore a backup
  • Backup User Selection – Enable or disable users from the new Backup or Legacy Backups systems
  • Configuration File Rollback – Allows you to rollback changes to many services (if something breaks)
  • Legacy Backup Configuration – Configure the legacy backup system
  • Legacy Restore Backups – Restore backups using the legacy system
  • Legacy Restore multiple Backups – Allows you to restore multiple backups using the legacy system
  • Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File – Restore full backups, cPanel backups and cpmove files



  • Configuration Cluster – This is for configuring a Cluster (set of servers)
  • DNS Cluster – Allows you to enable DNS clustering
  • Remote Access Key – Helps setup a Remote Access Key


System Reboot

  • Forceful Server Reboot – Force the server to reboot
  • Graceful Server Reboot – Shutdown each service then reboots the server


Server Status

  • Apache Status – Displays the status of the Apache Web server
  • Daily Process Log – Displays information about your server’s overall usage of resources
  • Server information – Displays the server information
  • Service Status – Shows the status of services and the server

Account Information

  • List Accounts – This lists all the accounts you have created
  • List Parked Domains – Shows a list of Parked Domains
  • List Subdomains – Shows a list of subdomains
  • List Suspended Accounts – Shows a list of all accounts you have suspended
  • Show Accounts over Quota – Shows a list of Accounts that have exceeded their Quota
  • View Bandwidth Usage – Shows you the total bandwidth usage


Account Functions

  • Change Site’s Ip Address – Allows you to change a sites Ip Address if you have any available
  • Create a New Account – ( Important ) This allows you to create an account just enter the details and then click Create and you’ll have added a account
  • Email all users – Sends an email to all your users
  • Force Password Change – Allows you to force password changes
  • Limit Bandwidth Usage – Allows you to limit a accounts bandwidth usage
  • Manage Account Suspension – Allows you to suspend/unsuspend an account
  • Manage Demo Mode – Allows you to Enable/Disable Demo Mode of cPanel/WHM
  • Manage Shell Access – Manage what users have Shell access
  • Modify an Account – Allows you to modify a account
  • Password Modification – Changes a accounts password
  • Quota Modification – Allows you to modify a account’s disk quota
  • Raw Apache Log Download – Download the raw Apache Log
  • Raw FTP Log Download – Download the raw FTP logs
  • Rearrange an Account – if your server allows you can modify an account’s mount point
  • Reset Account Bandwidth Limit – Resets all account bandwidth limits
  • Show Active and inactive Accounts – Lists all active and inactive accounts
  • Skeleton Directory – Allows you to make a custom page setting it so that any new accounts will have a default look/page
  • Terminate Accounts – Completely removes account including data
  • Unsuspend bandwidth Exceeders – Unsuspends users who are over their bandwidth limit
  • Upgrade/Downgrade an Account – Gives you the ability to upgrade and downgrade an account
  • Web Template Editor – Allows you to create placeholder web pages


Multi Account Functions

  • Change multiple Sites’ IP Addresses – Allows you to change the IP addresses of multiple accounts at once
  • Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts – Allows you to Upgrade/Downgrade multiple accounts at once



  • Convert Addon Domain to Account – Convert an existing addon domain into a full cPanel account
  • Copy an account from another server with account password – Allows you to copy an account from another cPanel server of the same version with the account password
  • Review Transfers and Restores – Allows you to review previous transfers and restorations
  • Transfer Tool – Copies multiple accounts from a remote server to your cPanel/WHM server



  • Change WebHost Manager Theme – Allows you to change the WHM theme
  • Theme Manager – Manage themes



  • Add a Package – Allows you to create custom packages for new accounts
  • Delete a Package – Removes a package from being available during new account creation
  • Edit a Package – Modifies an existing packages resources
  • Feature Manager – Allows you to disable/enable features inside of each user’s cPanel


DNS Functions

  • Add a DNS Zone – Allows you to add custom DNS Zones
  • Add an A Entry for your Hostname – Adds an A entry for your hostmane
  • Delete a DNS Zone – Allows you to remove DNS Zones
  • Edit DNS Zone – Allows you to Edit DNS Zones
  • Edit MX Entry – Allows you to edit MX Records (Mail)
  • Edit Zone Templates – Allows you to edit the default zones that are used when creating DNS entries
  • Nameserver Record Report – Displays information about nameservers used by this server’s zones
  • Park a Domain – Allows you to park current Domains
  • Perform a DNS Cleanup – performs a DNS cleanup
  • Reset a DNS Zone – (Caution) Allows you to Reset a DNS Zone
  • Set Zone Time To Live (TTL) – Permits you to set the value for time to live (TTL) in your server’s DNS zones
  • Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding – Allows you to forward a Domain
  • Syncronize DNS Records – Syncronizes the DNS entries across multiple servers


SQL Services

  • Additional MySQL Access Hosts – Ability to use your Databases on other servers
  • Change MySQL User Password – Ability Change Mysql Users password
  • Database Map Tool – allows you to assign ownership of databases and database users
  • Manage Database Users – Allows you to manage all database users on the server
  • Manage Databases – Allows you to manage all databases on the server
  • Manage MySQL Profiles –  Allows you to setup a remote Database server
  • MySQL Root Password – Ability to change the MySQL root password
  • phpMyAdmin – Allows you to make changes to a Dataase and/or import a sql file
  • Repair a MySQL Database – Allows you to Repair a MySQL Database
  • Show MySQL Processes – Shows you the running MySQL Processes

IP Functions

  • Add a New IP Address – Assign a new IPv4 address (Only available on Cloud and Dedicated servers)
  • Assign IPv6 Address – Assign IPv6 addresses (Only available on Cloud and Dedicated servers)
  • Change a Site’s IP Address – Allows you to change a sites IP Address if you have any available
  • Configure Remote Service IPs – Allows you to configure remote mail servers and remote name servers
  • IP Migration Wizard – Tells you what needs to be done if you change your IP Addresses
  • IPv6 Ranges – Allows you to add, edit, and delete IPv6 address ranges
  • Rebuild IP Address Pool – Scans for new available IP addresses
  • Show IP Address Usage – Shows what your current IP assignments
  • Show or Delete Current IP Addresses – Shows you your current IP addresses
  • Show/Edit Reserved IPs – Allows you to reserve one or more IP addresses



  • EasyApache 3 (Apache Update soon to be deprecated) – Allows you to rebuild Apache/PHP with many extentions
  • EasyApache 4 (Apache Update) – Allows you to rebuild Apache/PHP with many extentions
  • Install a Perl Module – Allows you to install PERL Modules
  • Install a RPM – Allows you to install a RPM package
  • Module Installers – Allows you to install new modules
  • MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade – Update MySQL to the latest version
  • Rebuild RPM Database – Updates the list of available RPMs
  • System Update – Updates all system software to the most current release
  • Update Server Software – Updates server to the latest versions available



  • Greylisting – Enable or disable Greylisting for the entire server
  • Mail Delivery Reports – Review messages sent and received by your server
  • Mail Queue Manager – Allows you to clear the mail queue / deliver all items in mail queue
  • Mail Troubleshooter – Will track down problems with email
  • Mailbox Conversion – Convert to maildir or mdbox
  • Repair Mailbox permissions – Corrects any problems with mailbox permissions
  • Spamd Startup Configuration – Configure the startup options for the SpamAssassin daemon
  • View Mail Statistics – Displays the mail statistics
  • View Relayers – Shows you the mail relays
  • View Sent Summary – Displays the total of message delivery attempts for each domain on the server


System Health

  • Background Process Killer – Allows you to kill all background processes
  • Process Manager – Allows you to trrace and or kill any processes
  • Show Current Disk Usage – Shows you the current disk usage
  • Show Current Running Processes – Shows a list of all running processes



  • Change Log – cPanel/WHM change log
  • Customization – customize the branding and style that will be used for cPanel
  • Install cPAddons Site Software – Allows you to add cPAddons
  • Manage cPAddons Site Software – Allows you to manage cPAddons
  • Manage Plugins – Manage plugins that are available
  • Modify cPanel & WHM News – Shows news on your users cPanel and WHM pages
  • Reset a Mailman Password – Reset the password for your servers Mailman mailing list without needing the previous password
  • Synchronize FTP Passwords – This is used to repair any FTP password issues that exist
  • Upgrade to Latest Version – Update your cPanel/WHM installation to the most recent version for your server’s Release Tier



  • Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request – A form that requests a SSL certificate be generated
  • Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain – Location to upload the crt file for your ssl certificate
  • Manage AutoSSL – Manage the AutoSSL feature
  • Manage SSL Hosts – Manages your SSL hosts
  • Purchase and Install SSL Certificate – cPanels recommended SSL vendor
  • SSL Storage Manager – View in depth information about SSL related resources



  • Market Provider Manager – Manage products that are available to purchase via the cPanel interface


Restart Services

  • DNS Server (BIND/NSD) – Restarts your DNS server
  • FTP Server (ProFTPd/PureFTPd) – Restarts FTP server
  • HTTP Server (Apache) – Restarts HTTP server
  • IMAP Server (Courier/Dovecot) – Restarts IMAP server
  • Mail Server (Exim) – Restarts Mail server
  • Mailing List Manager (Mailman) – Restarts mailing list manager
  • SQL Server (MySQL) – Restarts SQL Server
  • SSH Server (OpernSSH) – Restarts SSH Server



  • Apps Managed by AppConfig – Display apps that are installed/registered with AppConfig
  • cPanel Development Forum – Link to the cPanel Development Forum
  • cPanel Plugin File Generator – Creates plugin files
  • Manage Hooks – Manage hooks that already exist on your server
  • Software Development Kit – Link to the Software Development Kit for cPanel/WHM

WHM official documentation can be found here

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