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Transfer your website from cPanel to CentOS Web Panel (CWP) server.

Configuration of WebPanel
– Setup nameservers (CWP *- > DNS Functions -*> Edit Nameservers IPs)
– Configure shared ip (CWP –> WebPanel Settings – -> WebPanel Settings)
– Setup at least one hosting package (CWP –> Accounts –> Add a Package)

– Setup root email (CWP –> Email – -> Add Email Account)

Setting up NameServers
You can setup your own nameserver but then you need to have at least two IPs.

When you register on Free DNS providers site there you will get Nameservers that you can use for yours domains.
Nameservers you need to add in: (CWP – > DNS Functions -> Edit Nameservers IPs)
* This nameservers you enter here will be used in all configs and account setups.

If you are using FreeDNS service then you will need to point yours domain to nameservers that you get on FreeDNS  website.
On FreeDNS Website you need to point domain to your server IP address.
This changes will need up to 24 hours to be visible for you.

Create New Account
To create a new account- (Accounts –> New Account)

Successful account creation should look like this

Create a database for the new account (SQL Services –> MySQL Manager (New Database & User)

Downloading your data from cPanel server

  • Compress and download all files from yours cPanel servers /home/username/public_html folder in a .zip.
  • Download MySQL Database with phpMyAdmin from cPanel server.

Upload Data to CWP server and import MySQL database

  • Using FTP or SSH upload all files to your CWP server in /home/username/public_html folder you created before with new account
  • With phpMyAdmin on CWP import database you downloaded (with logins details of MySQL user).

Edit your config files that connects to MySQL database on CWP.

e.g. for WordPress /home/public_html/wp-config.php  (check: host, username, database and password).

If you use mod rewrite and .htaccess for your website then you will need to add this in your vhost file (change USERNAME)



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