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All You Need To Know About Secure Socket Layer

In this post, we get to know about the secure socket layer.

The internet has become one of the best hubs. It has given us chances to create new opportunities and ideas.

It has become one of the trusted growing communities. The internet also has contributed to the growth of economies and the success of businesses.

It has also helped many reach out and get to market and sell their products and services. It has also created selling platforms that everyone can access.

Well, with all this the internet also has come with security issues. Every day people are losing money to fraud and hackers.

We need security to ensure we transact safely. Security also will guarantee that our information is credible and unaltered.

One of the ways to guarantee this is by use of a secure socket layer.

What is a secure socket layer and how does it work?

It is a security protocol that protects websites from malicious activities. Also, scans and filters content to make sure it’s safe.

Simply provides security over data that is in transit from browser to server. Ensures it’s safe and unaltered.

Makes sure data is not read while in transit. This means it reaches the intended target as complete as it was sent.

An SSL uses cryptography to transmit data between two systems. Cryptography has two keys: Private key and public key.

The public key is the key used by the browser to send encrypted data to the server. The private key is used by the server to decrypt data.

Cryptography is like using a padlock; everyone can use it to lock their boxes. However, without the right there is no opening it; the server is the only one with the right key.

A secure site has an “https” prefix instead of an “http” prefix. Also, most browsers show a padlock icon or a green bar before the URL.

Benefits of SSL

  • Secure data transmission- no third party has access to data, this means data reaches the intended target unaltered.
  • Sensitive data is protected- no one can hack into data and steal it for personal gains.
  • Efficiency- there are smooth transactions since data is safe and can’t be altered.
  • Builds trust- visitors and clients know their data is safe; hence want to keep transacting with you.
  • Keeps malicious people/codes away- prevents unauthorized access to data that may alter or destroy it.

Well here also are instances that need SSL:

  • Online stores that process credit card information.
  • Sites that process sensitive data like mobile phones, medical records, and many others.
  • It’s a security requirement.
  • To secure email communications.

An SSL protects your data and guarantees safe and smooth data transit. It also makes sure data is not altered or falls to unauthorized users.

What do secure socket layers protect against?

1. Hackers 

These are malicious people who try to access data and use it for personal gain. Hackers try many ways to access unauthorized data.

With an SSL, hackers can’t eavesdrop on data. They are kept away from snooping, stealing, or manipulating data.

A secure socket layer makes sure data reaches the intended target safely. However, an SSL is not 100% hackproof. 

Hackers have many tools and ways of manipulating the systems. One, however, should be careful since security begins with you.

2. Phishing

It is the act of stealing data posing as a legitimate site. These attacks are common and often are sent through email.

They manipulate users into thinking they are on the right site. Only for them to enter their data and it gets stolen.

To know a secure site one looks at the URL; it must contain an “https”, a padlock icon, or a green bar depending on encryption type.

Secure all your sites with an SSL. Keep your visitors, clients, and data safe.

3. Unauthorized data access

A secure socket layer keeps snoopers away. It guarantees only the people with access to data can read it.

It also keeps malicious people from altering it. There is a few cases of data and identity theft. It keeps data safe through transit. 

The types of SSL

  • Domain Validated- this type of SSL protects a domain, web, and mobile browsers. They just provide encryption and nothing more.
  • Organization Validation- are used to verify business information. It validates both the business and domain.
  • Extended Validation – used by large organizations to indicate more details about transactions, services, and more.
  • Single Domain- protects one domain and one website. Can not secure its subdomains.
  • Multi-Domain- one SSL protects multiple domains.
  • Wildcard Domain- this protects a single domain and all its subdomains.

Where to get a secure socket layer?

Over the internet, there are many places one can get a secure socket layer. However, here are the best places to get an SSL.


It is an SSL service provider. Provides the best affordable SSL for as low as $0. They make sure your sites are and data is safe.

Here are some of their plans:

Secure Socket Layer: ASK SSL plans

2. Truehost

Truehost is a domain registrar and web service provider. They have the best plans and unbeatable prices.

Their services are reliable and are always available. The support team is also always ready to help whenever one runs into issues.

Here are some of their plans:

Truehost SSL Plans

For more check here.

There are also some others like:

  • Comodo SSL.
  • DigiCert.
  • Entrust Datacard
  • RapidSSL.

Give your website and clients safety by using a secure socket layer. Prevent malicious people from accessing data and interfering with it.

Safeguard your transaction online fast. Retain clients and guarantee trust with safe transactions for all.


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