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Migrate from cPanel to Control Web Panel (CWP)


  1. Login to your server as root and follow my guide to Install CWP.
  2. Perform some basic CWP setup tasks.
  3. Do not change your domain’s NS yet until you migrate the websites.

Backup cPanel

  1. Login to your cPanel account using username and password given by your web hosting provider:
  2. Once you logged in to cPanel, click the Backup Wizard icon > click the Backup button > then click the Full Backup button.

3. In the next page, make sure you choose “Home Directory” as Backup Destination. In case if your hosting account has many files consume a large amount of disk space, you better also provide an email address to send a notification when the backup process complete. Finally, click the Generate Backup button.

4. In the File Manager page, you’ll see the newly created backup file with a .tar.gz ending. Right click on it and choose Move. Now type public_html as the destination.

5. Then go to the public_html directory, find the backup file.

6. Right-click on it and change its permission to 644.

7. Right-click on that file again and choose Rename then change its name with cpmove- prefix followed with the account name.

*Format: cpmove-(USER).tar.gz
*Example account test: cpmove-liafri.tar.gz

The Migration

Now login to your server/VPS via SSH as root.

Go to /home directory.

It is time to transfer the full cPanel backup file to your VPS using simple wget command:

wget http://domain.tld/cpmove-user.tar.gz

Do not forget to replace domain.tld and cpmove-user.tar.gz accordingly. See screenshot pic above.

Restoring to CWP

So now you have the full cPanel backup file in your VPS located in /home directory. CWP need it to be placed in that location. Open up your favorite browser and log in to CWP control panel as root.

Once logged in, click the User Accounts menu at the left then choose cPanel Migration submenu.

In the next page, choose your backup from the Account dropdown to choose the desired package and set a password.

Once done, complete the process by clicking the create button.

The restore might take a while depending on the size of your files and when it is completed, your screen should look like this:

Completing the transfer

The migration is almost complete. The very last thing to do is now to change the NS record of your domain. Go to your domain registrar and change current NameServers to the new ones belong to your server. Wait till all DNS propagates then give your newly moved sites a test confirming all functions of your websites are working.


If your cPanel does not include the Backup Wizard feature, you can move the files individually, use this guide to Transfer the files and databases


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