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Installing Control Web Panel (CWP) in Centos 7

Control Web Panel(CWP)is a free web hosting panel for RPM-based distributions like CentOS, and provides an easy-to-use interface to manage your server. CWP is feature rich a, and unlike other control panels, it can automatically install a LAMP stack with a Varnish cache. Some of its other features include:

  • CSF firewall
  • File system lock
  • User management
  • DNS management
  • SSL generator
  • System & services monitoring
  • File manager
  • SQL services



Internet connection

SSH Client eg SmarTTY, PuTTY etc.

In this guide we are using PuTTY but the procedures are the same even on different clients.

Log in to your server as root with the root password provided to you after installation an SSH client and make sure to select the right hostname

# hostnamectl set-hostname
# hostnamectl

Installing CentOS Web Panel

After setting hostname and static IP address, now you need update your server to the latest version and install wget utility to fetch and install the CWP installation script.

# yum -y update

# yum -y install wget

If you have wget installed you get this feedback.Otherwise you will get the installation initiated. It is recommended that you run this command when uncertain on the installation of the package.

# cd /usr/local/src
Get int /usr/local/src directory

To make sure you are working with the right directory

# wget

# sh cwp-el7-latest

Please be patient as the installation progress will take some minutes to complete. Once the install has finished you should see a screen saying “CWP” installed and list of credentials required to access the panel. Make sure to copy or write down the information and keep it safe:

Once ready, press “ENTER” for server reboot. If the system does not reboot automatically simply type “reboot” to reboot the server.

After server reboot, login into server as root, once login you will see different welcome screen with information about the logged users and the current disk space usage.

Now you can access the CWP in your browser by typing “your IP address:2030” or  “your IP address:2031” for secure login. On the welcome screen provide your correct login credentials then login to access the dashboard.

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