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13 Best Google AdSense Alternatives in Pakistan

The internet is a powerful platform for making money in Pakistan, and one of the most popular ways to do so is through Google AdSense. 

However, many people are looking for alternatives to Google AdSense due to its strict policies and limited availability. 

In this article, we will explore the best alternative options for Pakistani users wanting to monetize their websites or apps. 

We’ll discuss each option’s pros and cons as well as its earning potential.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a Google advertising program that allows website owners to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their web pages. 

The program works by using an algorithm to match the content of a webpage with relevant ads, which are then displayed to users who visit the site. 

When a user clicks on one of these ads, the website owner earns revenue from Google.

One of the benefits of AdSense is that it is relatively easy to set up and use. 

Website owners can sign up for an account and start displaying ads on their site within minutes. 

And since AdSense is run by Google, it has access to a vast network of advertisers, which means that there are usually plenty of relevant ads available for display.

However, while AdSense can be an excellent way for website owners to earn passive income from their sites in Pakistan, it does have some limitations. 

For example, not all websites will qualify for the program; there are strict rules regarding content quality and traffic levels that must be met before approval is granted. 

At the same time, revenue earned through AdSense can vary widely depending on factors such as ad placement and click-through rates.

To give you the whole picture, lets look at pros and cons of Google AdSense in Pakistan.


  • Google AdSense allows website owners to monetize their content in Pakistan. 
  • The ads provided by Google are tailored to the content of the website, delivering relevant and quality ads.
  • It provides a simple setup process, requiring only a few steps for verification. 
  • It is easy to use, with features like tracking and reporting tools to track ad performance. 
  • Payments are made through a variety of methods including bank transfer and Cheques


  • There is often a lengthy review process before approval of an account in Pakistan due to stricter rules and regulations in this region. 
  • The rate of pay can be low compared to other advertising platforms like Facebook Ads or Bing Ads as competition is high on Adsense in this region. 
  • Limited availability of certain types of ads such as video or mobile-only ads which could potentially lead to higher earnings. 
  • Google Adsense can be difficult to troubleshoot if errors occur. 
  • The terms of service for Google AdSense can be confusing and difficult to understand for some users.

If you can’t get past these demerits, there are other alternatives to consider for your blog in Pakistan.

Resource: How To Earn From Google AdSense In Pakistan


Ezoic is a Google AdSense alternative that uses artificial intelligence to test display ads on your website, so it uses whatever ads AdSense is already serving on your site and tests different locations. 

Ezoic is not an ad network but a great addition to Google AdSense. 

It is a Certified Google Publishing Partner, which means publishers have access to Google’s coveted AdX portfolio of advertising partners. 

AdX can’t be accessed through Google AdSense, this premier level of advertisers means publishers get higher paying ads displayed on their site. On average, sites double their ad revenue using Ezoic. 

You can connect existing AdSense, use it as an AdSense alternative in Pakistan, or test both. 

Ezoic A.I. adds significantly more ad competition and auto-tests ad placements to optimize UX and revenue.

What are the requirements to join Ezoic in Pakistan?

To join Ezoic, you need a minimum of 10k visits per month. 

That is how much traffic you need for Ezoic. 

However, Ezoic removed that limitation to help small publishers. 

So now, Ezoic doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement to join, meaning sites with literally 0 visits can join Ezoic. 

Ezoic requires all content to be original, constructive, and enticing. 

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic needs to ensure sites using its tools are compliant with AdSense policy, though AdSense approval isn’t actually necessary to use Ezoic for the vast majority of sites. 

Ezoic also requires AdSense-supported language (English, Arabic, Chinese, etc.) and a type of site requirement (Informational and Content-Rich). is a contextual advertising platform and a direct AdSense competitor run by Yahoo and Bing. 

It is one of the world’s largest contextual ad networks and is used by household names all over the world. offers multiple types of display ads and native ads for desktop and mobile, and you can expect to earn around the same from these ads as you would with AdSense. RPM is generally very high which helps you to earn more. is considered as a major competitor to Google AdSense and many bloggers have already marked it as the best alternative for Google 

AdSense. is a leader in contextual advertising and its contextual ads allow you to monetize your content with exclusive access to searches from the Yahoo! Bing network.

What are the requirements to join

The minimum requirement to get an account with is 10,000 page views per month. 

However, they also mention that they accept sites with lower page views. 

Your site should have original content and a significant volume of traffic. follows a standard set of approval criteria. 

You can apply for the advantage by visiting their website1.


Wel, Propeller Ads is not an alternative to Google AdSense as AdSense is a PPC ad network while Propeller Ads is a CPM ad network. 

This means that AdSense pays for every click from your site, while Propeller Ads pays for every 1,000 ad impressions. 

PropellerAds is an advertising platform for both new and prominent marketers and affiliates.

It works for desktop sites, mobile apps, and even mobile sites. It is a different type of Google Adsense alternative than the other ones mentioned so far because of the mobile app functionality. 

What are the requirements to join PropellerAds in Pakistan?

To register as an advertiser, you need to fill out the form with your name, address, city, and country of residence. 

All data specified in the account can be checked by their Legal department. This is also important for bank transfers (WIRE). 

To become a publisher, you must first accurately submit an application for Propeller Ads account at their website and be in compliance with present Agreement (in case of using Self-service) or register as a Publisher by contacting Propeller Ads directly (in case you wish to use dedicated campaign Management service) for acceptance.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon is the leading e-commerce platform globally, with a conversion rate far superior to any other online retailer. 

Taking advantage of this unparalleled traffic and high conversion rate offers a great opportunity to generate passive income with minimal effort.

Bloggers and website owners have been leveraging Amazon’s affiliate program to gain extra earnings for a while, but now you can use Amazon Native Shopping Ads to monetize your site and reap the rewards.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are similar to AdSense ads in that they are contextual and display relevant products based on the page content and keywords. 

By clicking on these ads, you can earn a commission from any resulting sale, regardless of whether the item clicked was the one purchased.

What are the requirements to use Amazon Native Shopping Ads on your blog?

To use Amazon Native Shopping Ads, you need to apply for or log into your Amazon Associates account. 

If you’re residing in a nexus state you may be unable to become an Amazon Associate and are thus unable to use these ads. 

Place Native Shopping Ads in product article pages to automatically display relevant product recommendations from Amazon based on your page content and visiting users.

It’s mobile responsive so you can place it at the end of the content and it will adapt based on the page container and device type.


Adversal provides an easy-to-use self-serve platform to create your ads in minutes. 

With its smart interface, you can conveniently start, stop, and pause campaigns, eliminating the need for constant monitoring. 

Leave it to do the work and you can rest assured knowing that your ads are up and running.

Note that to be eligible for Adversal in Pakistan, your website must have a unique domain name, reach a minimum of 50,000 pageviews each month, and not be limited by a login.

Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)

Sovrn //Commerce is a content-driven commerce platform that delivers revenue to publishers through affiliate marketing. 

By converting regular product links into affiliate links, Sovrn //Commerce allows you to generate passive revenue from clicks and resulting sales. 

Sovrn //Commerce can automatically scan your site and turn all your existing product links into affiliate links. 

You’ll be connected to over 50,000 merchants and optimized to ensure you’re always earning. 

Instant links from your browser Navigate to any product page and instantly create an affiliate link with the Chrome extension.


Skimlinks simplify the process of affiliating your commerce content, freeing up time to concentrate on managing your website without having to worry about creating affiliate links.

This tool enhances all your commerce strategies – website, mobile, social media, and email – by automatically updating your commerce content with affiliate links.

Gain entry to a worldwide network of 48,500 merchants and 50 demand partners by joining Skimlinks. 

Their VIP and Preferred Partner Program also provides you with access to merchants offering exclusive commissions for Skimlinks publishers.


Monumetric is a premium ad network that offers a variety of ad types and sizes to help you monetize your website. 

They offer a minimum traffic requirement of 10,000 monthly pageviews and a $99 setup fee. 

Monumetric is a great alternative to AdSense in Pakistan, especially for bloggers who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of traffic.

CPM is used instead of CPC, meaning you get paid for each impression. 

Their pay rates are among the highest for CPM campaigns, and the revenue reported is usually higher than AdSense, making it an ideal option for boosting your passive income.


Infolinks is an advertising platform with a global reach, designed to allow brands to connect with users who are already interested.

Ads can be tailored to fit any website, with a unique placement to increase click-through rate while preserving the website’s aesthetic. 

Their sophisticated algorithm identifies relevance and intent, enabling ads to be served at the right time for maximum effectiveness.

Infolinks offers a global marketplace of over 100,000 websites in 128 countries, and can be quickly and easily integrated into any website in minutes.


ylliX is a legitimate AdSense alternative in Pakistan that offers popunder, full-page, sliders, mobile, and layer ads. 

It is an advertising network offering various ad types for both desktop and mobile, including popunder ads, mobile redirects, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads. 

Some publishers have reported hitting CPMs of $3 for the USA and $0.25 for African Gos. 

ylliX provides easy accounts approval, fair rates, daily payments, detailed reports, and 100% fill rates.

What are the requirements to join ylliX?

There are no traffic requirements to join ylliX. You can easily sign up for ylliX and start earning from your website or blog’s traffic


Evadav is an advertising platform specializing in push notifications and other ad formats such as banners, video sliders, and native ads for both desktop and mobile devices.

When users subscribe to Evadav’s push notification system, they stay connected to your account, providing a reliable source of daily revenue. 

Moreover, their referral program pays you 5% of the revenue generated by referred publishers, helping you generate passive income with minimal effort.

They guarantee that all websites are approved to ensure that the adverts displayed are of the highest quality and trustworthy. 

This way, you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible traffic.


BuySellAds is a good alternative to Google AdSense in Pakistan with a minimum payout of $20 and PayPal available. 

It is a powerful advertising platform that allows you to monetize your site with CPM (cost per 1000 impressions), CPA (cost per action), and CPC (cost-per-click) advertising slots. 

BuySellAds is the best alternative available to Google Adsense and other ad networks. 

It has a simple interface and is easy to add to a website. 

Unlimited ads are available to show and it is not a scam website.

The only disadvantage is that BuySellAds won’t be available to you unless your site is receiving more than 100,000 monthly page views.


Taboola is one of the most popular native ad networks and a preferred Adsense alternative for publishers in Pakistan. 

Taboola’s ads are of high quality, although sponsored content blocks can sometimes feel like spam. 

And they have a strong regional advertiser base around the world, resulting in a wide variety of creatives and ad types. 

However, Taboola and Google Display Network platforms differ in another key way. 

GDN ads are largely pushed out to AdSense publishers based on the advertisers’ AdWords accounts. 

Does this mean that the success of a campaign run through GDN still hinges on consumers knowing what they’re looking for.

What are the requirements to join Taboola?

You need a blog or website with a minimum of 500,000 pageviews every month to join Taboola. 

You must be at least 18 years old, own and operate your identified website(s), and only publish content that you own or properly license (e.g. no scraped or copyrighted content).

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