WordPress web hosting

WordPress web hosting

Website cost

WordPress is less costly as it is easy to get a developer with skills in website. Most people use wordpress for their websites at least 29.9%. Most of plugins and extension used by the platform are free however there could be additional cost for premium plugins and themes.


Ease of use

Allows quick set up and use, which makes it more popular than the other joomla and drupal. Other features include a simple interface, easy to update details and allows simple and complex web pages.


There is a lot of documentation on wordpress, which could help a user. There are also multiple users who are available online, just to help in wordpress related issue. WordPress is regularly updated , updates could take 3  or 4 months


It is quite slow in comparison with other CMS, it could be due to its popularity or its capability to support previous versions. However, wordpress can support websites with multiple pages and even many visitors.


It is easy to edit almost everything in the wordpress regardless of any theme or plugin. There are further numerous plugins that users could use to modify and customize their websites as per their specifications.


Prone to attacks due to popularity but constant updates makes it at least secure a bit.  Third party plugins could compromise the security of the wordpress.

SEO Capabilities

Yoast Plugin for WordPress makes SEO quite easier for wordpress. Every theme is responsive to device widths.


Beginner friendly even without coding, SEO and devices friendly, secure, useful for functional websites that are likely to generate more traffic.

WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal

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