Why Cloudpap Drive



Your data is private not even cloudpap drive have access to your data, data is shared with end to end encryption


Do you need 5GB space with ability to share 1 TB file occasionally? Cloudpap Drive can grow to meet your need and resize back to the 5GB after sharing allowing you to pay for what you use only.


Allow team members to access and work on files on their devices as per their team leader preset permissions.

Allow tracking of changes as committed by various team members.

Version control – the team leader can roll back changes made by a team member and are not agreeable.

Top Secret: Only you can access your files

Cloudpap Drive stands out from other cloud storage providers in that, from our platform, only you can access your data. Yes! Not even us can access your data. This is made possible via our end-to-end encryption technology and applciations. Unlike with most cloud providers, we can’t scan, access or read your files and no one else in the world can either. Your files are yours and whoever you choose to share them with.

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