Office 365 Backup

This one solution to backup, protect and give you control over all your Microsoft data.


Agentless Backup
Require no installation of Backup Agent on the local premises or devices.
Just input configuration setting to get started with Office 365 Backup Solution.


Fastest Granular Backup and Restore
Granular Backup and Restore allow backup and restore only required emails, contacts, files, attachments, websites hence allow backup and restore in seconds.


Optimized Search Functionality
Allow fast search of backup files for convenient recovery or emailing from the backup.


User friendly Management Console
Simplified intuitive web interface for backup administration


AES-256 Data Encryption Protection
Data is safe on a military grade security infrastructure that include AES-256 encryption. Protect your data with encryption


Advance reporting and Monitoring
Backup activities are closely monitored and reported on in realtime through a system of reports, alerts and notifications. All critical events can be detected and reported on realtime.


Multi-Factor Authentication from Microsoft
Integrated to the backup system as an extra layer of security. Allow authentication via Trusted Devices and Fingerprint options.


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