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Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate General Information

Let’s Encrypt is the first ever Free SSL certificate to be issued by a Certificate Authority. What sets this Let’s Encrypt apart from the rest is that, it issues Free SSL certificates, fully verified and for life. Other CAs will sell SSL certificates at some price but Let’s Encrypt will provide the certificates free of charge.

The Let’s Encrypt has 6 key principles: Free, Secure, Automatic, Transparent, Open and Cooperative.


You can get a DV certificate in as little as 5 minutes and tops 10 minutes


Let's Encrypt is provided free of charge for your domains for an unlimited time.


Secure the main domain and all it's subdomains with the same SSL certificate

How to get Let's Encrypt!

Using your hosting control panel

Let’s Encrypt CA has come to an understanding with many hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, CentosWeb-Panel etc to provide a free SSL plug-in for users to automatically install and renew SSL certificates. At Truehost, this feature is available for all domains hosted with us under our premium packages

Using websites that provide it

Let’s Encrypt CA has an agreement with some websites to provide the certificate for free. Examples of such websites are https://sslforfree.com and https://zerossl.com. The issuance process is simple and straight forward for ease of acquiring the certificate.

Using certbot

Certbot is a package available for RHEL/Centos and Ubuntu servers that allows you to automatically fetch, install and renew SSL certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt. This package is best suited for users who use SSH access to a VPS or Dedicated server instead of using control panels like cPanel.

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