Gaming Solutions

Truehost Cloud gaming solutions enable the developers come up with games that are advanced with improved user experience. The ability to develop these unique games is attributed to having low maintenance costs facilitating economy in online game streaming.

Key Gaming Solution Features

Changing online Gaming

Online streaming of video games brings an experience that every gamer an amazing experience facilitated by increased internet speed. It is now possible for the game developers to deploy their games on platforms such as Android, IOS and Linux enabling the users access these games on their preferred platform. Game developers continually test their games before availing them to the market, giving the users a chance to experience faster, and highly developed gaming solutions.

Global expansion

Every game developer would wish for a smart scalability to serve and a global market. Online video games provide a networking capability as gamers could stream for online play regardless their geographical location. Truehost cloud offers the opportunity to scale globally by the provision of virtual machines and dedicated cloud servers. Currently serving a global market, game developers need to worry on serving online gamers across all the continent


Online gaming offers the hardware-related benefits as the gamers need not to constantly upgrade their hardware to fit the changing nature of online gaming. Instead streaming offers the alternative. There are further cost reduction on the services of cloud gaming, with most of the gaming solution. Compatibility and portability are some of the added advantage of the gaming cloud.

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