Computer backup

Computer Backup/Workstation Backup/PC Backup

A cross platform backup and recovery solution for PC, Computers, Workstations – Windows, MacBook, Linux.


Disk-Imaging Technology

Allow full image backup of entire computer, files and data. Allow full or partial recovery of complete image, files, selected folders or apps.


Cloudpap Universal Restore

Restore your workstation on any piece of hardware bare-metal physical or cloud restore.


Bare-Metal Recovery

Bare-Metal Recovery option allow restoring of entire Windows PC to a bare metal hardware without need of reinstalling Operating system, Applications or Custom Settings.


Automated Bare-Metal Recovery

Allow remote restoration of PC through automated scripting for bootable media customization.


Simplified Web Management Console

Simple but intuitive management console for managing all the devices from anywhere.

Support rich custom reports and notification system.


Cloudpap Startup Recovery Manager

Allow self-recovery using F11 booting menu when the backup is stored in the local computer’s hard disk.


Advance Role based User Management

Perfect for offices with large teams. Manage users based on roles, branches, offices, departments, by allowing multiple administrators with different permissions.


Create your own Dashboard.

Customize user dashboard to display critical insights based on role. Utilize charts and graphs and rich reports.

Custom and advanced Reporting

Create multiple realtime, intuitive, customizable reports, graphs and charts


Cloudpap data and Ransomware protection

Using block-chain technology and anti-ransomware technology Cloudpap proactively detects and prevents suspicious changes to data, files and apps and hence reduce need for recovery


Cloudpap Notary

Advance block-chain certification technology for promoting validity and authenticity of data backup and recovery.

This is compliant with regulatory requirements


Military grade Encryption Options

Allow military grade data security through AES-128/AES-256 encryption of backup files, data, apps and metadata.


Efficient Resource Utilization via Deduplication

Block-size Deduplication technology ensure proper utilization of bandwith and storage resources while promoting high performance in the backup and restore of the PCs or Workstations.


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