Cloud servers in Kenya, Cloud Hosting in Kenya

Cloud servers and Hosting in Kenya

This article will bring out the difference between web and cloud and in particular, the difference between webserver and cloud server.

The world has been used to webservers which are basically dedicated server computers hosted in server rooms and data centers. They mostly comprise of computers of superior processing power and large HDD storage. Around the web they are called dedicated servers. Over 90 percent of websites and web applications run on dedicated webservers. Most websites run on shared hosting which is usually a dedicated server being shared by hundreds or thousands of websites.

VPS hosting refer to large hosting accounts within a dedicated webservers, therefore a dedicated web server with VPS Hosting serves fewer websites and web applications that require greater pool of resources. A VPS can also be used to host several shared hosting accounts under may be reseller hosting accounts.

In other words, a server is referred to as a dedicated server when its owned or serves one customer, that particular customer refer to it as his or her dedicated server; that is dedicated to serve his or her need.

Innovations on the dedicated server have led to increased processing and storage power. Recently dedicated servers have started to use SSD storage medium, SSD usually have reduced storage space but deliver up to 100 times data access speed.

SSD have also reduced probability of disk failure considerably.

In Kenya, a few web Hosting companies offer SSD dedicated servers. Truehost Kenya is one of the few web hosting companies that has been offering SSD Dedicated servers, others include CloudPap that focus on cloud servers.

The current market definition of cloud servers differs from dedicated web servers as explained above. Cloud Servers and cloud hosting or cloud refer to a modern technology running on a pool of dedicated servers that can share resources on demand. The concept is extended to clients where clients are billed as per resources consumed (pay as you go). Applications and websites are also served with resources as per their demand.

Websites and applications in the cloud do not fail under increased load or traffic as in the case of traditional web servers since resource supply is flexible and increases with increase in demand. Global providers of cloud include Amazon (AWS), Google cloud, Azure by Microsoft among others.

There are fewer cloud server provider in Kenya, CloudPap is a major player in Cloud Server services. Truehost Kenya also supply and sell cloud server services, with highly trained personnel Truehost Kenya remains one of the best Cloud Services provider. Move to cloud to day to increase speed of your application or website and reduce chances of failure.Cloud-servers-and-cloud-hosting-in-Kenya

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